Volume 15, Issue 1, March 2023


Application of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in Predicting Heat Input During Tungsten Inert gas Welding Process at Steady State Condition.

Ikponmwosa-Eweka, O., Achebo, J.I., Obahiagbon, K.O. and Ozigagun, A., pp. 1-12


Development of a Convective Syngas Cooler for Syngas Cleaning in Biomass Gasification Process.

Akhator, P.E. and Obanor, A.I., pp. 13-25


Application of Expert Methods to Enhance the Impact Energy of V-Butt Weldment.

Igbinake, A.O., Achebo, J.I., Obahiagbon, K.O. and Ozigagun, A., pp. 26-36


Design and Development of a Cabinet-Tray Dryer and its Performance Evaluation in the Drying Of Plantain.

Agarry, S.E., Agbede, O.O., Aworanti, O.A, Afolabi, T.J., Ajuebor, F. and Ogunkunle, O., pp. 37-61


Optimization of the Cutting Force Required to Minimize Tool Vibration Using Response Surface Methodology.

Olaye, M., Achebo, J.I. Obahiagbon, K.O. and Ozigagun, A., pp. 62-68


Application of Remote Sensing and Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves in Characterizing Queen Ede Gully Erosion and Landslides in Benin City.

Egbo, D.O. and Airen, O.J., pp. 69-95


Characterisation and Preparation of Light Weight Porous Clay Ceramic Filter Pellets for Fish Wastewater Management.

Eigbike, C.O., Odion, N.S. and Obomese, F., pp. 96-110


Pulse Rate-Enabled Wearable Human Tracking System With Bounce Geolocator.

Ogidan, O.K., Ogunniyi, J.O., Temikotan, K.O. and Adepoju, D., pp. 111-124


Demonstration of Port Scanning Attack via NMAP Tool.

Osa, E. and Aika, S.A., pp. 125-134


Utilisation of a Hybrid Method to Predict Stress Concentration Factors in Mild Steel Welds.

Erhunmwunse, B.O., Achebo, J. I., Obahiagbon K. and Ozigagun, A., pp. 135-145


Recent Progress in the Development of Thermal Energy Storage Mediums for Solar Applications.

Kwasi-Effah, C.C., Ighodaro, O.O. Egware, H.O. Obanor, A.I., pp. 146-170


Effect of Temperature on the Compressive Strength of Sandcrete Blocks.

Umasabor R.I., pp. 171-176


Determination of Optimum Compressive Strength and Water/ Cement Ratio in Groundnut Shell ash Concrete.

Umasabor R.I., pp. 177-182


Optimization and Prediction of Loaf Weight in Bread Production Process.

Uwoghiren F.O. and Dickson E.R., pp. 183-193