Volume 13, Issue 1, October 2021


Design Analysis of a Hydraulically Powered Compression Moulding Machine for the Recycling of Plastic Waste

Sadjere E.G., and Odujoko A.O, pp. 1-12


Investigation of the Physio-Mechanical Properties and Suitability of Bricks Made From Ovia River Clay for use as Refractory Lining

Irogue, W. A., Orhumwunse, F.F. and Sadjere, E.G., pp. 13-25


Investigation of the Fracture Mechanism of Reinforced Polyester Composite When Subjected to Suddenly Applied Force

Olodu D. D and Ihenyen O. I., pp 26-37


Fuzzy (Trapezoidal) Linear Programming Problems a Computerized Solution

Ebojoh, E., Okusuwha, J.E., Irabor, J.O., Nwanbunwanne, E., pp. 38-49


Markov Chain Analysis of Employees Safety Data :A Case Study of Power Generation Company

Ogbeide, O.O and Aigbe E. J., pp. 50-63


Porosity Modeling of a Niger Delta Field Ultilizing the Simple Kriging Technique and Detection of Artifial Features in Guassian Processes

Mekunye, F. and Ogbeide, P. O., pp. 64-75


Effects of Drilling Fluid Additives on the Environment (A Case Study of a Xanthan gum)

Otamere, B. and Igbinere, S. A., pp. 76-84


Optimization of Ar-Co2 Shielding gas Composition to Minimize Residual Stress on MIG Welded Joint

Achekuogene N.S., and Osarenmwinda J.O., pp. 85-97


Static Load Capacity Assessments of Portland Cement and Metakaolin Geopolymer Prestressed Concrete Model Rail Sleepers

Okovido, J. O. and Yahya, I. A, pp. 98-110


Economic Analysis of the Impact of Intelligent Well Completions in Reservoir Management

Ikponmwosa U. B. and Onaiwu D. O., pp. 111-125

Volume 13, Issue 2, December 2021


Structural Properties Of Metakaolin – Based Geopolymer Concrete Cured In Ambient Condition

Okovido J. O. and Yahya I. A., pp. 1-10


Chemical Characterization Of Clay In Ovia Local Government Area Of Edo State, South-South Region Of Nigeria

Irogue W.A, Orumwense F.F. O and Sadjere, E.G., pp. 11-17


Design Analysis Of A Modular Grass Shredding Machine

Orhorhoro E. K, Atumah V. E., and Ebunilo P. O. pp. 18-30


Optimization Of Residual Stress In Mild Steel Gas Tungsten Arc Welded Joint Using Response Surface Methodology.

Eboigbe C. I, and Ikponmwosa-Eweka, O. pp. 31-42


Analysis Of Well Pressure Drawdown Data Interpretation With The Pressure Derivative

Adeniji, A. A. and Bello, K. O., pp. 43-56


Numerical Analysis Of Temperature Distribution In Continuous Slab Casting Mould

Francis-Akilaki, T.I.; Omoregie, M. J. and Erhunmwun, I.D., pp. 57-66


Numerical Solution Of The Diffusivity Equation For Determining The Production Rate And Cumulative Production In The Infinite Acting Regime

Erhunmwun, I.D., Amiolemhen, P.E. and Saliu, M.I., pp. 67-76


Design And Fabrication Of A Melon Shelling Machine With A Chaff Separation Chamber

Ikpoza, E; and Ogiemwonyi, O., pp. 77-91